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By popular demand we are bringing back our ‘Introducing’ spot. As you know we get to meet lots of you throughout the year and this spot gives us a chance to introduce you to the rest of the Arun business world.

This month our Shining Star is David Wride from Regis Removals who Miriam went to meet a couple of days after the Arun Business of the Year Awards. Having personally won the Business Person of the Year and his company winning the Overall Arun Business of the Year you can understand that David was floating about 3 feet from the ground but managed to come down long enough to have a chat.

David told me that his background was primarily retail, he worked around London until about 20 years ago when he moved to the south coast and out of retail. He took a year out and then stumbled across the removal trade as a part time job.  It seems that he was bitten by the bug and 5 years later bought out his competition! The chance to acquire Regis Removals came along about 6 years ago and David, along with co-directors John and Lois Humphery, jumped at the opportunity.  Since then they have worked to build a company with an enviable reputation.  David puts the success of the company down to his workforce and has terrific pride in his team.  Everyone associated with Regis Removals is customer focussed and, as David told me, it’s all about trust, both with his customers and his staff.

I asked David about his expansion plans and he tells me that he has 16 staff and plans to grow but doesn’t want to become too large a company because he wouldn’t want to lose his customer focus.

David also told me about his work with the Love Your Hospital Charity. Regis Removals is a Corporate Sponsor and does lots of great things to help raise funds. It’s a charity that’s close to the hearts of the Arun Business Partnership team so we’ll also be doing some events to help them along later this year.

You can find Regis Removals at Christie Place in Bognor Regis or visit them at www.regisremovals.co.uk

You can call Miriam Nicholls on 01903 737845 or email Miriam@arunbusinesspartnership.co.uk

Arun Business Partnership Awards Evening

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So, next week on the 20th we will be attending our third awards night of the year and if the others are anything to go by, not only will it be a great event for everyone there, but Regis Removals will be walking home with yet another piece of silverware/glassware. Excuse the optimism, but our glass is always half full. We are currently the Gazette & Observer Medium Business of the year along with the Johnston Press South medium business of the year, both of which we feel blessed in receiving as it takes a lot of hard work to create a business the local public can really get behind and appreciate. From past experience these award evenings are a great way to meet fellow local businesses and network around the room dropping subtle hints of business. The other attraction being the heavenly food and free wine which normally ends in some well respected businessman dancing in true rhythm-less fashion.

Aside from the fun and frolics, above all it’s an evening to flaunt the efforts of everyone here at Regis Removals. For the guys in the office and the guys on the vans it means the world that all the stress, sweat and constant hard work is being noticed by both the ever-grateful customers and the local press/authorities.

Stay tuned to hear how the evening goes and wish us luck.

Regis Removals First Female Driver

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This month saw Regis Removals become one of very few removal companies to employ a female driver/packer (Jaqueline). Adding to the fresh and exciting way we work and continuing our traditional and family values Jaqueline started of dealing with our box deliveries and pickups. After showing a keen willingness to get on the vans and help the guys, Jacqui spent her first day on a job packing and loading up one of our 7.5 tonne Lorries and came back to the office with a wide smile and a spring still in her step.

“To Jacqui, Joseph and Nats,

               Many many thanks for making a stressful day so easy. A pleasure to work with you all, and a bonus to have a female touch on the team.

Regards Mr & Mrs Lambourn”

After Jacqui’s first time on a full move it was clear that gender played no part in the decision to add her to our already excellent removals team. Not only does it show that we are willing to try out and are open to new ideas but it also proves that with the right mind set, and the want to learn regardless of age, gender or size you can do almost anything.

New van, New Driver

New van, New Driver

A Big Thank You

Easy I hear you say…Pah!!!

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One of my friends yesterday had a conversation with a guy in the pub about finding work. I was lucky enough to overhear most of it and I was unlucky enough to hear him suggest getting a van followed by, and I quote ” just start your own removal company, its easy, quick money and guaranteed work”. I couldn’t contain the laughter by that point and had to step in to defend the Business that I’m in. The business that sees me absolutely exhausted come Friday and buzzing to do it all again come Sunday evening.

Whether or not my friends views are that of most people, I feel as if it’s my duty to prove to you that it isn’t an easy job to do day in day out. Its hugely satisfying and nothing brings me more joy than seeing a young family smiling ear to ear in their new home as we wave them goodbye, but this isn’t done through pulling up, chucking it in the back and whizzing off to the new address. Success in this game is achieved by staying ahead of your rivals firstly. But most importantly its achieved by performing the task with the utmost consideration and empathy for the customer’s needs and belongings . From the first point of contact be it via the web or phone call we make it priority to keep the customer happy, calm, collected and relaxed. Moving on (pun fully intended) to the hard graft part of the process. If you opened up the back of any one of our lorries you won’t just find an empty space, what you will find is a fully equipped lorry with an array of ties neatly lined up, a stack of blankets ready to cover every piece of furniture, a set of piano wheels ready for any and every kind of piano or ridiculously sized American fridge/freezers and a tool box if dismantling or reassembly is required. What I’m getting at is there is so many things that could go wrong on a move, you simply can’t afford to not have the correct tools for the job at hand.

Any eventuality can be easily overcome with the right brains and the right brawn, something we at Regis Removals have in abundance. Finally and back to where I started, it has been known for us to be called out to finish a move where the customer went for a cheap man and van or man, mate and van move only to discover the lack of sense and respect has left their walls ruined, mirrors smashed and sofas marked, and most devastatingly their trust destroyed. We will never let you down. However big or small. Whether it’s a bungalow or town house. Be it in a challenging state or a pristine palace the pride we carry with us will see you through the day and see you off with a smile.

Ollie Goddard (Porter extraordinaire)

January, a month most would rather forget

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 It’s a sad reality that December, albeit a joyful month, quite simply exhausts and leaves us struggling in the following month both financially and emotionally. Ask any business or charitable organisation and they’ll tell you the same thing. It’s quite real that our business especially, takes a dive in January and although it may send our bank balance loopy, It gives the guys a great chance to deep clean our fast growing fleet of vehicles and storage facilities and allows us to take a good look at our image and how to improve it.

2013 was a great year for us at Regis Removals and we continued to build on our reputation as a removal company at the forefront of our industry. Providing the local area with a friendly service professionally undertaken by well-presented and hardworking employed men, we intend to continue this way of working and improving on it vastly. This January has shown us that however slow or quiet it may be, there is always something to be done. Be it leaflet dropping, Facebook sharing and blogging to cleaning the office, checking on stowed loads and T-cutting the Lorries. The past year has also seen us venture out to Amsterdam Holland and rural France, something we will continue with this year starting with a large move to Portugal via France in February.

In brief it’s been a very productive month in preparation for another busy year, a year which will see Regis Removals grow as a company both locally and nationally. Insuring a stress free move for all with a team dedicated to making your move the perfect move. 

Love your Hospital & Regis Removals

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As a renowned local Business serving a wide community we at Regis Removals are always looking for ways to stay in tune with the community and help out where possible. By offering our services and fundraising abilities to local charities such as The Chestnut Tree House for whom we raised nearly £600.00 for last year at a single event.       

This year is no different, and as the cold winter loomed our hearts were filled with warmth when hearing of the ‘Love Your Hospital’ charity, which helps to raise funds and organise fundraising activities for the three trusts that make up the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust Charities (Southland Hospitals, Worthing Hospital and St Richards Hospitals). The fundraising undertaken by the charity for your local hospital is essential, ensuring that your clinicians and nursing staff have the best facilities and equipment available to treat patients within our trust-wide community. It allows us to fund things that fall outside of the NHS priority list enabling us to fast-track the latest equipment that allows our healthcare professions to deliver the best for you and your family and friends.

We have kept in close communications with Lesley-Anne Lloyd (Head Of Charity Operations) and this December took our first steps towards a long and fulfilling partnership with the charity. As well as an agreed monthly donation our relocations team and manpower itself will come in great use for a number of fundraising events. 


I personally couldn’t think of anything more worthwhile than helping out a local charity, which will benefit a wide range of children and parents,  friends and family supplying our local Hospitals with facilities and equipment which is not prioritised by the NHS. We look forward to extending and building our relationship with such a noble charity. Regis Removals, Professional To The Core and caring till the end.

Ollie Goddard.

Moving Home – A Poem

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Whatever your reason for moving make it the right move with Regis Removals, stress free and professional to the core. From Bognor Regis to wherever your life takes you.

Moving Home
I had a rotten time in Catford,
with tabbies and ginger toms,
they were always in me garden,
with all their goings on.
They did dreadful things to me daffodills,
and were always catching frogs,
so out of desperation,
I moved to The Isle of Dogs.

But things got worse when I got there,
I was almost brought to me knees,
there was a large Alsatian,
a fat Dalmatian,
and a three legged Pekineese.
They kept getting into me garden,
I never found out just how,
but they drove me out of The Isle of Dogs,
and I’m living in Houndsditch now.

That’s the worst mistake I ever made,
me garden’s dug up and dirty,
first a Greyhound,
then a Wolfhound,
and a Basset hound called Birty.
I can’t stand living here no more,
I can’t take all the hassle,
so I’ll pack me trunk,
and do a bunk,
to The Elephant and Castle.

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